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November 03,2023

Electric Vehicles Dealership in India

We are regarded as one of the largest, most dependable, and rapidly expanding Electric Scooters organizations in the market, and we offer the best accessible services and EV dealerships in India. Mantra offers a diverse assortment of bikes and scooters in a variety of fashionable color choices. All of our E-bikes and electric scooters are made with high-quality spare parts and come with exceptional customer support. Our best dealers of electric bikes are an important part of our wider family, they are the best dealers for electric scooters. We aim to establish a genuinely advantageous relationship in which we focus on our Mantra dealers and distributors. Our E-bike and electric scooter franchises are:

Step-By-Step Process to Get Mantra E-bike Dealership | Electric Scooter Franchise

  • We anticipate that Mantra dealers and distributors will handle their business with openness and equity, adhering to the values of fairness and truthfulness.

  • Our dealers must be devoted to working against Mantra's goals, ultimately helping the brand's success for the EV dealership in India as a whole.

  • We urge Mantra dealers and distributors to take an active role in advertising activities, supporting the brand's success through sales and marketing initiatives.

  • Mantra dealers and distributors are encouraged to keep their dealerships appealing and organized, resulting in a great customer encounter that benefits the customers and the dealers of Mantra.

  • We expect that our dealers will continually show Mantra and its agent’s gratitude and kindness, fostering a productive and beneficial working partnership.

  • In all of their business tasks, our dealers must follow social and lawful requirements. We expect them to carry out business with the highest spiritual and legal honesty.

  • Mantra dealers and distributors ought to possess a sufficient number of employees to adequately manage the requirements of their customers while maintaining high levels of customer service excellence.

  • It is assumed that dealers and distributors will readily agree and adhere to Mantra's terms and conditions, which may be amended regularly to reflect changing business demands.

In basic terms, we consider our dealers as critical business partners with whom we intend to build an effective and highly profitable EV dealership in India. These demands are meant to encourage an enjoyable and successful collaboration that serves Mantra dealers and distributors with our valued customers.

How to get an EV dealership in India?

A 1000-1500 square foot space near a large road or interstate is needed to start an EV dealership in India. This section functions as the showroom, maintenance area, and adequate storage facility. The retail location and workplace take up a great deal of the space that is available.

How to start an EV dealership in India?

If you are starting an EV Dealership in India then you should go with steps. The first step in establishing an effective EV dealership in India is to undertake an in-depth market study. This entails investigating client tastes, analyzing patterns of demand, and comprehending market developments.

Is the EV dealership in India profitable?

Whenever your overall business income exceeds your whole business costs, your business is deemed profitable.


The development of the EV dealership in India signals an encouraging transition in the country's automobile industry. As the globe grapples with worldwide warming, and the concern need for responsible transportation, EV dealerships in India are growing as a feasible alternative for lowering carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

The expanding number of EV dealerships in India reflects a growing public interest in environmentally friendly commuting solutions. These dealerships play an important role in boosting EV adoption by providing a diverse selection of electric vehicles, charging facilities, and expert advice to prospective purchasers. As the Indian government and other partners continue investing in EV dealerships in India, the technology and facilities to reach the affordability of these dealerships are likely to increase, making it simpler for people to transition towards electric vehicles.

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