Electric Vehicle Repairing Assistant

Job description

We are looking for a dedicated Electric Vehicle Service Assistant to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a passion for electric vehicles, strong communication skills. The person should be patient, organized, team-oriented, customer centric and have the ability to work for long hours in adverse conditions. The individual should be a keen observer and have an eye for detail and quality.

An Electric Vehicle Service Assistant is responsible for assisting the service technician in repair, routine Servicing and maintenance (including electrical and mechanical aggregates) of Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

Roles and Responsibilities

•Conduct thorough inspections of electric vehicles to identify maintenance needs and diagnose issues.

•Demonstrated proficiency in diagnosing electric vehicle systems, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

•Troubleshooting and repairing various faults in Motor failure problem.

•Troubleshooting and repairing various faults in Controller failure problem.

•Troubleshooting and repairing various faults in Charger failure problem.

•Troubleshooting and repairing various faults in Batteries failure problem.

•Troubleshooting and repairing various faults in Throttle and Convertor failure problem.

•Provide Technical solutions to all service related issue in pan India.

Required Skills and Qualification

•High school diploma or equivalent; technical certification, B.tec and ITI.

•Enthusiasm for electric vehicles with a basic understanding of their technology and operation.

•Strong interpersonal skills with a customer – oriented approach.

•Ability to work effectively within team and follow safety protocols diligently.

•Prior experience in Electric Vehicle Service and Repairing Assistant.

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