Electric Scooters & bikes dealers in Odisha
December 12,2023

Electric Scooters & bikes dealers in Odisha

In recent years, the global shift towards sustainable living has spurred a remarkable rise in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Odisha, with its commitment to environmental conservation and clean energy, has emerged as a significant player in this electric revolution. One of the key contributors to this movement is the increasing availability of Electric scooter & bikes in Odisha. As urban centres in Odisha continue to grapple with traffic congestion and pollution, the need for sustainable transportation solutions becomes more evident. EV bikes present a compelling option for eco-friendly commuting, providing a cleaner and quieter alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.
Among the notable players in the EV market, Mantra stands out with its commitment to eco-friendly transportation. If you're in Odisha and considering making the switch to an EV bike, you're in luck – Mantra EV bikes are making their mark in the state. In this blog, we'll guide you through the Mantra EV bike dealers in Odisha, making your journey towards a greener lifestyle more accessible than ever.

How to get Electric scooter & bikes Dealership in Odisha

Mantra has started its journey in the Electric Vehicle venture in 2019. We are one of the most reliable and fastest-growing manufacturers of Electric Vehicles with best services available in the market. Mantra has wide range of products in bikes and scooter category with trendy colour options to choose from. All our products have been manufactured with highest quality spare parts with excellent customer service available.

Follow the given steps for Mantra Ev dealership in Odisha.

  • We anticipate that Mantra dealers and distributors will handle their business with openness and equity, adhering to the values of fairness and truthfulness.
  • Our dealers must be devoted to working against Mantra's goals, ultimately helping the brand's success for the EV dealership in India as a whole.
  • We urge Mantra dealers and distributors to take an active role in advertising activities, supporting the brand's success through sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Mantra dealers and distributors are encouraged to keep their dealerships appealing and organized, resulting in a great customer encounter that benefits the customers and the dealers of Mantra.
  • We expect that our dealers will continually show Mantra and its agent’s gratitude and kindness, fostering a productive and beneficial working partnership.
  • In all of their business tasks, our dealers must follow social and lawful requirements. We expect them to carry out business with the highest spiritual and legal honesty.
  • Mantra dealers and distributors ought to possess a sufficient number of employees to adequately manage the requirements of their customers while maintaining high levels of customer service excellence.
  • It is assumed that dealers and distributors will readily agree and adhere to Mantra's terms and conditions, which may be amended regularly to reflect changing business demands.

In basic terms, we consider our dealers as critical business partners with whom we intend to build an effective and highly profitable EV dealership in India. These demands are meant to encourage an enjoyable and successful collaboration that serves Mantra dealers and distributors with our valued customers.


Why Choose Mantra EV dealership in India?

Mantra is a brand that has embraced the future of mobility by producing EV bikes that are not only efficient but also stylish and affordable. With a focus on reducing carbon footprints and contributing to cleaner air, Mantra EV has become a popular choice for eco-conscious commuters.
Electric bikes are generally more cost-effective in the long run compared to traditional fuel-powered vehicles. Mantra EV bikes offer a wallet-friendly alternative for daily commuting. Mantra EV bikes are powered by electricity, producing zero emissions during operation. By choosing a Mantra EV bike, you contribute to reducing air pollution and your carbon footprint.

How much does 1 km cost in electric Bike?

Using electric bikes is ultimately more cost-effective. On average, a litre of petrol can propel a bike 50 to 60 kilometres. Thus, compared to electric bikes, which have an average cost of 0.25 rs/km, it is excessively expensive at 2.5 rs/km on average.

How to start electric two wheeler business?

If you are thinking to start electric two wheeler business then it involves several steps like market research, business planning, about suppliers, and legal requirements.

Is electric scooter dealership profitable?

In India, the demand for electric scooters as well as electric bikes is increasing significantly. So the electric scooter dealership and business are profitable.


Embracing the future of transportation doesn't have to be a complicated process. With Mantra Electric scooter & bikes dealers spread across Odisha, making the switch to an electric lifestyle has never been more convenient. Visit your nearest dealer today, take a test ride, and join the movement towards sustainable and eco-friendly commuting. Let the roads of Odisha be greener with Electric scooter & bikes in Odisha! The demand for electric vehicles is rising in all of India's states. People are moving to daily use carbon bikes with zero emissions in order to help the environment. Mantra EV bikes are a great option because they are reasonably priced and require little upkeep. In Odisha, the market for EV bikes has grown recently. Now is the ideal moment to convert to electric scooters and EV bikes. You are helping to make our nation greener, cleaner, and healthier by using Mantra e-bikes.

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