Best electric two wheeler Dealership in Karnataka
November 22,2023

Electric scooter Dealership in Karnataka

If you are thinking to contribute to make our environment pollution free, you need to end your search with Mantra electric scooters. Mantra electric scooters are regarded as the leading manufacture of e-scooters in India and we offer the best accessible services and EV dealerships in Karnataka. We have a wide range of collections and variety of fashionable colour choices of electric scooters as well as electric bikes or e-bikes. We focused of performance and comfort so that your ride should be joyous and enjoyable. As a customer-centric organisation, we ensure that our customers are happy, pay close attention to their preferences, and offer only the best.

Terms and conditions

We want to have an equitable relationship with our dealers, who are an integral part of our extended family. We expect our dealers to:

  • In order to create a positive customer experience that benefits both the dealer and Mantra, dealers are expected to keep their showrooms neat and appealing.

  • In order to foster a cooperative and positive working relationship, we sincerely hope that our dealers will continuously treat Mantra and its representatives with respect and consideration.

  • In all of their business dealings, our dealers must abide by the law and ethical standards. They are expected to operate with the highest moral and legal integrity.

  • In order to maintain a high standard of customer service, dealers should have a sufficient number of employees to handle the demands of their clients.

  • Dealers should accept and abide by the terms and conditions specified by Mantra without hesitation.

Why you choose Mantra electric scooters

In Mantra scooters, we provide all smart features so that you can enjoy your ride. Our large boot space will provide enough space for your daily use. Mostly, electric vehicles don’t look stylish but our stylish aluminium alloy wheels add glam to our e-vehicles and make it very stylish and good looking. It is easy to access, which makes it convenient for any age group to use. It is also available in five colours, you can choose colour according to your choices. We offer one-year warranty on our major parts. We provide options for suggestions and after-sale support. We also offer crossroads services and financing agreements to our retail consumers.


How to start electric two wheeler business?

If you are thinking to start electric two wheeler business then it involves several steps like market research, business planning, about suppliers, and legal requirements.

Is electric scooter dealership profitable?

In India, the demand for electric scooters as well as electric bikes is increasing significantly. So the electric scooter dealership and business are profitable.


In every state of India, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing. To make the environment cleaner, people are switching to zero-emission carbon bikes for their daily use. Mantra electric scooters are affordable and easy to maintain, which makes them an ideal choice. In recent times, the demand for electric scooters has increased in Karnataka. This is the right time to switch to e-bikes and electric scooters. With Mantra electric scooters and e-bikes, you are contributing to making our country greener, cleaner, and healthier.

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