Electric Scooter Charging for long Battery life
November 10,2023

Electric Scooter Charging tips for long Battery life

Our motive is to contribute to build an eco-friendly environment that can aid in the battle against global warming. By building required infrastructure, Mantra is making India an improved place for eco-friendly electrification. The environment has to take a significant stride forward at this point. Our mission is to create a healthier, better, cleaner and greener environment to our next generations. Here comes the electric scooter as a saviour.

Mantra provides excellent rides for you so that your journey must be joyful and effortless. Whenever we make anything, we check the every detail according to our customers need. Mantra electric scooter looks more beautiful and luxurious with three colours variant. Our electric scooter has lithium-ion batteries that make them comfortable and ideal for short journeys. We have Elektra e-scooter, Monarch SY e-scooter, Vision e-scooter and Rider e-scooter- that are perfect for your day to day life. With a maximum speed of 25km/hr, it offers a great balance, comfortable seats and performance. It’s designed to make you feel like a legend with its comfort, grip and attractive look.

Battery is one of the most important elements when we are talking about electric scooter. Every electronic item needs battery to run their function smooth. There is a proper way to handle the battery for their long lasting life. Here we know how to take care of your battery and charging tips for long battery life.

Electric scooter charging tips for battery life

  • Always use a damp cloth to clean the battery in case of dirt.
  • Never jet wash your scooter.
  • Always charge the battery under shade or in a ventilated area.
  • Connect your charger to a standard (earthen) socket.
  • When you are charging the battery, make sure the scooter is switched off.
  • Use the Mantra authorised charger only to charge your Mantra electric scooter.
  • Use the charger according to the voltage of your battery i.e. 60V battery use 60V Mantra charger only.
  • Never use high volt charger.
  • Try to travel in eco-mode only whenever possible, it will limit the scooter’s power, thus put less pressure to the battery.
  • Charge the scooter as often as possible, never completely drain your battery, and try to at least charge it when it is between 20% and 40%.
  • Always protect your battery with physical damage.
  • Avoid more off-roading to your scooter, it may led to damage your scooter, can lose the battery connection if impulse is high.
  • Maintaining the correct tire pressure is important for both safety and battery efficiency.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

Ques 1: Why we switch to electric scooter?

Ans: Electric scooter is more sustainable and comfortable as compared to normal vehicles.

Ques 2: How are you contributing towards betterment of society?

Ans: We use lithium-ion batteries in our scooter to create healthier, better, cleaner and greener environment.


This guide is surely help to understand you how to maintain your battery life. Following these charging tips and ideas you can definitely maintain your battery’s life. Mantra is always focusing on their customer needs and designed every vehicle according to your choice and comfort. So, ride free on roads without any doubt on comfort, style, performance and battery life.

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