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Becoming Mantra electric bikes or e-bikes manufacturer in Punjab marks a significant step towards contributing to the greener environment and growing demand for sustainable transportation in the region. Punjab, known for its rich agricultural heritage, is now embracing the shift towards eco-friendly and pollution free modes of transportation, and electric bikes or e-bikes are at the forefront of this movement.
Setting up e-bikes manufacturing facility in Punjab allows creating job opportunities for locals. This will contribute in economic growth as well as overall development of the state. Moreover, e-bikes manufacturer in Punjab provides advantages like reducing transportation costs and ensuring a more efficient supply chain. This makes Mantra e-bikes more accessible and affordable for the residents of Punjab and inspires them to contribute to make a greener and cleaner environment.

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Mantra's e-bikes commitment to sustainability extends beyond the end product, with eco-friendly manufacturing practices that minimize waste and energy consumption. As a leading e-bikes manufacturer in Punjab, we invite you all to join us and become our partner. To get a dealership or become a manufacturer of e-bikes in Punjab, you have to do some homework to get a clear picture of market and the customer. You have to take a survey of market and analysis them. Also, you need a business outlining plan for your business goals.

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By becoming the partner with Mantra opens doors for collaboration with environmental and economic benefits. This collaboration can lead to the development of infrastructure supporting electric vehicles, such as charging stations and dedicated bike lanes, further facilitating the integration of electric bikes dealership in Punjab into the daily lives of Punjab residents.

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Should I buy electric or petrol Bike?

An electric scooter would be a good option if you're looking for a low-maintenance car that requires fewer trips for repairs and maintenance. But compared to an electric scooter, fixing a gasoline scooter and replacing its spare parts is far simpler and less expensive if something goes wrong.

How much does 1 km cost in electric Bike?

Using electric scooters is ultimately more cost-effective. On average, a liter of petrol can propel a bike 50 to 60 kilometres. Thus, compared to electric scooters, which have an average cost of 0.25 rs/km, it is excessively expensive at 2.5 rs/km on average.


Becoming a manufacturer for Mantra e-bikes in Punjab represents a forward-thinking approach to addressing the dual challenges of environmental sustainability and economic development. By providing a clean and efficient mode of transportation, this initiative contributes to a healthier environment and a more prosperous future for the people of Punjab. The decision to manufacture Mantra electric bikes aligns with the global push towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner, greener alternatives. Moreover, by joining mantra, we are contributing to make our environment pollution free and open the doors for the economic growth and job opportunities. Partnering with Mantra e-bikes dealership in Punjab gives suppliers a chance to be at the vanguard of this revolutionary shift and add to the state's environmentally friendly transportation network.

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