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Mantra has started its journey in the Electric Vehicle venture in 2019. We are one of the most reliable and fastest-growing manufacturers of Electric Vehicles with best services available in the market. Mantra has wide range of products in bikes and scooter category with trendy color options to choose from. All our products have been manufactured with highest quality spare parts with excellent customer service available.

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Promise of Partnership

Our dealers are an essential part of our extended family and we want to share a mutually beneficial relation where we are expecting our dealers to:

  • We are expecting that our dealers will conduct their business affairs with transparency and equity, upholding principles of honesty and integrity.
  • We expect our dealers to be unwavering in their commitment to fulfilling agreements made with both retail clients and Mantra, ensuring a high level of trustworthiness.
  • Our dealers should be committed to striving towards the objectives set by Mantra, thereby contributing to the overall success of the brand.
  • We encourage our dealers to actively participate in sales promotion activities, taking an active role in marketing and sales efforts to support the brand's success.
  • Dealers are expected to maintain attractive and well-organized showrooms, creating a positive customer experience that reflects well on both the dealer and Mantra.
  • It is our hope that our dealers will consistently show respect and consideration towards Mantra and its representatives, nurturing a cooperative and constructive working relationship.
  • Our dealers should adhere to ethical and legal standards in all their business activities. We anticipate that they will conduct business with the utmost moral and legal integrity.
  • Dealers should have an ample number of staff members to effectively manage their clients' needs, ensuring that the quality of customer service remains high.
  • It is expected that dealers readily accept and comply with the terms and conditions laid out by Mantra, which may be updated periodically to adapt to changing business needs.

In essence, we see our dealers as crucial partners in our business and hope for a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship. These expectations are intended to foster a harmonious and productive partnership that benefits both Mantra and our valued dealers.


Mantra provides a diverse selection of electric bikes suitable for people of all ages. These electric bikes offer a convenient and speedy transportation solution for students, facilitating their commute to schools and universities.


We are always with our customers. We have a presence in over 18 cities throughout India, and our network continues to expand. This growth in our coverage brings numerous opportunities for electric scooter dealerships.


Mantra is built on trust and quality. Mantra has been proving its worth in the market for over 5 years and over the time, we've had over 200,000 satisfied consumers.


By partnering with Mantra, you will have the opportunity to be associated with our brand and join our channel network of 223+ retail shops. Work with Mantra to get the rewards that come with owning an electric scooter dealership.


Be a catalyst for a better world through electric mobility. Let's collaborate to construct an environmentally friendly India. Electric vehicles powered by batteries play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions, which contribute to pollution, ultimately aiding in the rejuvenation of our planet.


Allow us to grow together. We can't win without one another. This is your chance to capitalize on a growing business area, the leading product, and management advantages. Join mantra and discover the market's possibilities.

What we do for our Dealers

We will assist you in reaching a market by providing materials such as booklets and posters.

  • We have appealing features and high-quality spare parts.
  • Our major parts are covered by a one-year warranty.
  • We offer after-sales assistance and feedback options.
  • Crossroads Services are available (in the works). Under that, customer Care will dispatch a mechanic to any location. You won't have to go to the mechanic; He'll come to you.
  • We offer financing agreements to our retail consumers through corporate partnerships with various institutions.
  • We are with you every step of the way to enhance sales.